SmeethCO matches the message and the medium.

SmeethCO coordinates closely with all functions on a client team to understand your goals. We then develop information materials – from fact sheets to brochures, newsletters, videos, poster boards, exhibits, presentations or one-to-one letters – for use in a range of forums for communication and outreach.

  • We help you understand the issues and values that potentially affect how communities respond.
  • We anticipate potential media interest so your story is told accurately and illustrated well.
  • We prepare you and your staff to communicate clearly and build credibility with people you need to reach.
  • We recommend actions and communications that reflect both corporate and community priorities.
  • We plan and produce opportunities for interaction, such as special events, media fairs, tours or advisory committees.
  • Our support can also be internally focused as we anticipate issues, prepare responses, develop presentations and coach presenters.
  • We coordinate with all members of multifaceted teams – legal, technical, and managerial, in communities, in the field, and in the office – to foster good relationships and project success.
When do you need an expert like SmeethCO?
  • When you have a complex technical issue to communicate
  • When an issue has or could be perceived to have an impact on human health or the environment
  • When you are in the planning phase of a project that is crucial to your organization’s progress
  • When your project or initiative meets resistance
  • When your project requires factual information pieces delivered in an appealing and easy to understand format
What will SmeethCO do for your company?
  • Improve your relationships with your neighbors, employees, business colleagues or stakeholders
  • Foster productive outcomes for sensitive or critical projects
  • Establish interactive communications that support responsible decision-making

Why use SmeethCO?

SmeethCO anticipates the social response to environmental issues. Potential impacts to human health are frequently the motivation for scientific projects. Whether the results of studies are “good news” or not, how the public perceives these results can have significant ramifications.

While scientists often dread communicating with the public because their reactions are unpredictable, Kendal Smeeth of SmeethCO has found that clear, consistent communications and conscientious listening can lead to productive public response. Equally important, Ms. Smeeth knows that the timing and method of communications are key to a project’s success.



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